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Something led you here. Something made you click that link, listen to that friend, or google "boudoir". That very something, that curiosity, is how we know you're beautiful. You have a desire inside you to be seen. To see yourself. To spend a day pampering yourself and telling yourself "I AM WORTH IT".  Forget staring at images on social media of celebrities who we'll never be. Let's stare at photos of ourselves looking fierce and make that our new standard of beautiful. Let us show you, you're beautiful.

You say we haven't met you yet?
That doesn't matter. We know you're beautiful

We Believe You're Worth It wake up. You're packing the outfits that make you feel sexy, beautiful, fierce, strong...whatever your chosen word is. You come into our studio and you're met with mimosa's and snacks while a talented hair and makeup artist glams you up to enhance your natural beauty. You follow us upstairs and for the next hour or so, the focus is on relaxing you into your most natural state. You leave, empowered, feeling that beauty radiating from within. A week later, you see your photos, and that feeling forever changes your perception of yourself. You are worth that day of pampering. Don't believe me? You can trust us, because we've been in your shoes. 

You say you want to do more self care?
This is the best kind of self care


We're Amy, Kay, and Tina. Three sisters who grew up being just as inundated with societies views of beauty as you. We've chosen to ignore that and we want to help you do the same.


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I went into my own boudoir shoot  unsure of how to feel. I was nervous. I was excited. I was fearful I'd hate all the photos. When I got them back, I realized I could be beautiful too. I actually wanted to share them. I didn't always have to hide behind the camera. Now, having been in your shoes, I use my camera to make you feel the same way my photos made me feel. Empowered, in love, purely happy. Sit back and let me do the work.



Amy did her boudoir shoot the day she found out she was pregnant. It was a special moment to appreciate her body, to feel sexy, and to feel pampered. Now she spends her time making sure she calms your butterflies. Answering any and all questions leading up to your session, chatting through it, and making sure your hair is laid just so. She helps you relax so you can focus on enjoying the experience.



The youngest sister, the newest member of the team, but always the most fashionable...Tina brings her fashion know how to the table to make sure that you're packing the best outfits for your shoot. Send her anything you're thinking of buying or bringing and you can be sure she'll steer you in the right direction! She just did her own shoot before her October wedding, and of course we shot it for her! <3


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